The artist Grimes doesn't vibe on farming

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I imagine calling Grimes “Elon Musk’s girlfriend” is an attempt at being snide? Anyway, I suspect many Grimes fans were disappointed when she hooked up with this dinkus. I was, at least. It’s valid to wonder what the connection is between admiring someone’s creativity and their choice of mate & lifestyle.
This is all silly speculation, but the part worth discussing maybe is her take on farming. There’s a segment of society (apart from actual small farmers) who believe quite the opposite–that a return to more of a focus on where our food comes from and more consumers actively creating their own food would be a good thing.
No doubt she has not considered the impact on small farmers, who are a dying breed, but perhaps shouldn’t be; I for one don’t see small farmers in the same category as coal miners. And what are the ramifications of larger and larger farms, and monocultures?


What, like what happened to her face? And is she 14 years old? Um…


As long as people like her boyfriend use money to keep score, we can have all the AI in the world but won’t have Fully Automated Luxury Communism. Instead, we’ll have more of what we get now from what Charlie Stross calls “slow AIs”.


And on the landscape! That might not be a big deal in the US where fields are already huge anyway but here in Europe that would mean saying goodbye to English hedgerows or Italian olive groves.

Out cultural landscape is completely defined by farming practices even in supposedly wild areas like the Scottish Highlands or Camargue.


You are correct, her theories should stand on her own merit. I edited it.


No one knows who said it, but the wisdom holds up:

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt.

Though, social media would probably dry up completely…


Recently binged on “Moonbase 8” - in Ep.4 they run into a SpaxeX crew doing their version of preparing to live on Mars.

One X’r ridicules the Moonbase greenhouse. “Why learn to grow your food? We have ours catered.”


Don’t think there is anything particularly mysterious about what she said, essentially that AI guided robotic production could produce everything a society needs, without human intervention. Achieve the aims of classless society without the need for an underclass of actual human workers. She maybe left out a few steps, “as an exercise” as they say. Technically true? Sure, no laws of physics broken here, move along. A desirable or likely outcome? I don’t think so.
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Good to know. Still wondering about the facial decorations, are those real tattoos?


Er… if machine are providing all our wants and needs - what, exactly is the point of owning say factories and farms?

I mean - this is far in the future, Star Trek like stuff. But if machines actually provide needed labor for making stuff and feeding us - what is the point of specific people owning those things?

As for Ms Grimes, meh. Who cares if she wants to doodle on her face. Act like a kid. Don’t take life so seriously.

The only thing I know that she has done that I like is the theme to Hilda. Which, while the theme is good, the show is FANTASTIC. One of my favorite current animated series. Fun, whimsical, wonderful color palette, a mixture of fantasy, folk lore, myth, and adventure. Highly recommend you watch it with your kids.

ETA - also: Deer fox


This was going to be my contribution to this thread, as well. The theme song is solid and the show is amazing. My daughter and I have watched both seasons a few times. That deer fox episode you posted the image from is a great one. Possibly my favourite of the series so far based on the emotional impact alone.


I couldn´t agree more!


I wasn’t aware of PKD’s “Autofac”, looks pretty interesting, will have to see if I can find it. When I was a kid (late '60s) I stumbled upon a book about John von Neumann’s self replicating automata that made a lasting impact…interesting subject


OH yeah - it was a fantastic episode that really tugs on the ol’ heart strings.


The optimistic Mr. Asimov wrote a short story about an IA manager ruling the world.


But contribution to the collective is what communism is all about, right? And what about maintenance? And if future AI is sentient enough to manage itself, aren’t we basically exploiting its labor?

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The fiction already tried to answer your question.