The Autobiography of Deanna Troi




Dang, I knew it.


“One of” science fiction’s most beloved half-Betazoids?


###Stationed on the Bridge For No Apparent Reason
A Retrospective of Tight Uniforms – by Deanna Troi

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Sharing because I only just learnt this exists:


haters going to hate…


OK, that would have been much better than the actual STTNG where everyone seemed to be on Valium, with the exception of Worf and Barkley. Data seemed to be the only character with personal ambition, and Troi and Crusher were insufferably sanctimonious. DS9 was much better, half the cast walked around pissed off all the time.


That was fantastic.


As much as this hews closely to standard Trek fanfic tropes (intentionally, I hope), the real Geordi’s romantic inclinations are a bit more, ah, problematic; to solve a problem once, he recreated a female engineer, Leah Brahms, on the holodeck, and put the moves on her when the crisis was over–something that the real Leah Brahms had a big problem with when she found out.


I’m sure the captain had his justifications.


Does beloved mean useless these days then?


If there was suppose to be irony in the characters nature I didn’t find it amusing. This seemed unnecessarily sexist and racist.


Missing from Geordi’s account of having sex with Data: “It took a couple of hours.”

Regardless of the situation Geordi could take care of it in a couple of hours. Need the Enterprise turned into a giant ice cream cone? “We’ll need to turn off the heating systems and reroute the replicators through the deflector. It’ll take a couple of hours…”


While we are sharing Star Trek parody:

Chief O’Brien at Work


I’m pretty sure that was the joke.


Hmm. As a parody of fanfic it’s too obvious to be that funny. As a critic of ST:tNG and it’s handling of certain things, especially how Troi was written, it works better, but that character DID take a nice turn eventually and become a lot more complex and fun (“A Fistful of Datas” seemed to be a big turning point).

I guess I am not seeing what is special about this piece of writing, which may be on me, but still.


In the audio, the audience ruin it with their over-enthusiasm.


I love these comics… poor O’Brien on the enterprise. We’ve been rewatching Deep Space 9 around these parts, and it’s pretty cool to get to see O’Brien DO something interesting for once… even if half the time its bitching about Keiko and Molly being away from the station on Bajor!


I think that even though she got better story lines later on (the relationship with Worf, the episode where she is put on a Romulan ship and poses as a member of the Talshiar (sp?), etc), some people never really liked her anyway. Poor Troi… I always loved her, even with the lame stories in the early seasons.


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