The AXIS Gear turns your regular window shades into smart coverings

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Do I need curtains that I can operate without getting up from the couch?

but I guess it could be useful if I couldn’t stand up and move around

So, over $200 for what about the same amount would buy in motorized blinds? (Size depending of course)

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Ummmm…$249 for one. Not really a deal in my opinion.

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I’d like to motorize my bedroom blinds. Keep the room dark while I sleep and then open them when the sun rises. But $250 is just the beginning as I would need to put a clock or sensor on them plus bring power to the unit, or deal with batteries. All that for what amounts to about 20 minutes of morning pleasure. I’ll just get my lazy butt up and pull the chain.

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Are these people high? What genius thought we are stupid enough to pay $200+ to solve a non problem because the solution is “geeky”.

Here, do it for $10 instead:

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Oh look! Here are all of the BoingBoing Internet of Shit posts!

I guess they don’t use that tag for things in the shop.

It’s hard to tell if this thing will require connecting to the AXIS mothership to operate with more than just the manual control. If that’s so, what happens n years later when they shut the servers down?

That is 100% the only use case I want something like this for!

It’s like a wakeup light that works with natural light!

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Whoa, thanks for the video!

I’m putting something like this on my “pie in the sky” todo-list:

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