The basics of crypto, in 4.5 pages, using only small words lawmakers can understand

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I have to admit, this subject utterly baffles me, and I studied engineering back in the previous century.

It doesn’t help. I’ve sat through tons of talks on this, and read lots of papers, and I still can’t figure out who Alice and Bob are, and why they’re always hogging all the crypto. What happens when someone else need to use it?


It’s still way too wordy for politicians. It still includes too much techy.
Get it down to maybe three simple cartoons and it might just possibly get through.

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Yeah, dumb that shit down.


As clear as it it, it’s too bad The Donald can only handle a single page and there are not near enough maps and pictures for him! AND don’t forget the bullets!

You need to get in touch with Charlie or Dave. Watch out for Eve though.

Like Ted and Carol?

4.5 whats?
Shut up.
No you shut up.

It needs to be translated by someone who isn’t a CS professor. To Felten this probably reads like Dick & Jane compared to the stuff he digests all day, but to a normal person it looks like complicated homework. It includes all sorts of details and definitions that are ultimately irrelevant to policy decisions.

Most lawmakers aren’t going to do complicated homework, and they (hopefully) already have staffers who can explain it to them on whatever dumbed-down level they need it at. A one-size-fits-all explainer is never going to work for both Jerry McNerney and Louie Gohmert.

If Alice and Bob stop hogging all the cryptos then it’s just be Carla and Dave jamming up the tubes.

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