The Batman, but it's an MCU film

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Just Imagine… is a comic book line published by DC Comics. It was written by Stan Lee, co-creator of several popular Marvel Comics characters,[1] in which he re-imagined DC superheroes, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Green Lantern, and the Flash.

Just Imagine - Wikipedia

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Just Imagine… - Wikipedia

eta: That video… I guess someone thought The Dark Knight means make it too dark to watch.


That would be the “gritty and realistic” way to do Dare Devil. Just a black screen and really good sound reproduction.


I’m not complaining about the changes since they mostly worked to the benefit of the movies, but they did take a few big liberties with the source material from the very first film.

For example:

  • Relocating Tony Stark from Manhattan to Malibu
  • Turning his Alfred-wannabe-butler Jarvis into an A.I.
  • Doing away with the “secret identity” aspect of Iron Man entirely

If they’d made similarly big changes to Batman (not in Gotham, Alfred is an algorithm, Bruce Wayne immediately tells the world he’s Batman) it might make for a fun story but fans wouldn’t call it “slavishly accurate to the source material.”


I would like to see a re-release of The Batman that is bright enough so I can tell wtf is going on.


Batman tried to join Marvel, but was shot down, high school style.


For those who don’t know, this is the dnealy origin-story:

Out of the depths of a rainy subway, one man scratches his way toward the waning twilight.
His vision blurred, ears ringing from the explosion, the blood of his fellow travellers on his clothes, in his hair, on his hands, he drags himself to the surface of an empty street.
He stands, looks to the burning sky, and declares:
“Now it changes.”
“IT changes everything.”
THIS is the birth of “The Purist”.

(This is my homage to you, @dnealy)

Ok, Conan is officially my favorite Batman.

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Editor’s note: And lo, thus begins the dramatic career of one of the most uncanny characters ever introduced in grand Marvel tradition! Be here in thirty to see how the dazzling saga of The Purist will unfold! Nuff Said!

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Never saw The Batman. It looked like more of the “dark” macho bullshit that adolescents find appealing.

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