The BBC talks microdosing magic mushrooms and LSD in this fascinating video

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Interesting video. Thanks. Shame it mostly focused on LSD, and the definition seems to be micro-doses of psychedelics, specifically. What about micro-doses of cannabis? Is that defined as a psychedelic and included?

(But saying this video was “churned out”? Usually that’s a derogatory term implying dross, with little attention to quality, produced in volume. I’m sure that’s not what was intended.)

(Also, I wondered at first if it WAS the BBC seeing as it had a horrible logo stuck in the middle of the screen that said ‘Victoria’ something or other too small to read. Then I realised it said Victoria Derbyshire - a well-known BBC personality. Christ, what assholes - it is bad enough with logos on every bloody commercial channel, and even the BBC has succumbed with a BBC logo now and then, but this abomination is very distracting. There was a campaign against them in the UK 15 or so years ago - this website was part of that I seem to recall
Even the BBC’s own guidelines - - say they should normally be at the top-left to avoid subtitle clashes - but this is presumably not made-for-TV, so no rules. As you may gather, I loathe them.)

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I do microdosing, but in the interests of efficiency I just save up an entire month’s microdoses and do them all at once.


Bah, typical MSM coverage that treats all drug use as some weird and disreputable social phenomenon, like a virgin trying to do an “objective” report on sexuality and orgasms, for an audience of celibates. They’re incapable of concluding that the War on Drugs is a crime against humanity (which it obviously is) that prevents human beings from exploring and improving their own consciousness as they see fit. Microdosing works, which is why it has been so widely adapted in Silicon Valley and elsewhere. Psilocybin mushrooms even appear to help repair brains: Other psychedelics probably have similarly extraordinary physical, mental and spiritual properties.

Psychedelics like LSD and mushrooms seem to be much safer than any pharmaceutical company product…but of course their unpatentable status makes them undesirable to the profit-driven medical industry that largely controls medical research dollars.


Yeah and I traditionally pay use tax for out of state purchases.

I think for a lot of brain hackers, the line between medicinal and recreational is rather blurry. I mean, when I see a well adjusted, happy, and engaged human being, I think there must be some kind euphoric state to that – or at least a state where you don’t just feel bad all the time. That’s the point of medicinal and recreational treatments: to feel better.

A few years back I experimented with small amounts of ingested cannabis. It’s a much harder “drug” to characterize, as there’s really no “sub-threshold” – you have to aim for “not entirely stoned” which is hard to do with edibles. I found a reasonable dose, however, and noted that during the week before supplies ran out, I was in a cheerier and more interesting frame of mind all day long.

(edit) I had always thought wouldn’t it be great to have a slow release cannabis pill that just gives you enough to make the afternoon rosy, but not enough to make you feel drugged.

Now that weed and weed accessories are legal in my state, I might try it again just for shits and grins.

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