The Beastie Boys' Ad-Rock designed a shoe whose profits will go to Planned Parenthood


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Ad-Rock can you rock the Shoe Shoppe?

Okay, I’m sorry.


Cheers for Planned Parenthood, but these shoes still won’t make you cool. The cool kids will scoff at your feet and say, “Beastly who?”



Zero bowling potential.


Not for them; they’re for Beastie Boy fans, most of whom are now in their forties.

And get off my lawn.


I wonder how much of the $97 goes to Planned Parenthood?

I’m a cheap bastard so $97 is a lot to pay for shoes I can’t try on before buying. I think I’ll just make a donation to Planned Parenthood instead.


No Beasties were harmed in the creation of these shoes.



Especially not wee sleekit, cowrin’, tim’rous ones.


For me, when buying a piece of clothing, even one that supports charity, the appearance of said item is still paramount. The only way I would wear these is if I had were in a plane that crashed in the snow and all the other shoes on the plane had evaporated.


Can you say “Right Wing Beastie Boycott”?


Is Adam in Devo now?


Are We not Beasties?


My family has been giving to Planned Parenthood no matter which party is in office for decades. I won’t spoil that tradition with these shoes.


And that’s different from the rest of my life, how? :wink:


I’m guessing the Deplorables don’t listen to a lot of Jewish bands, so they’re boycotting by default.


While there may be some bands with x% of Jewish members, and while we have had some amazing songwriting members of the tribe, there are damn few jewish bands.


Minimal Compact?


Matisyahu, although he’s an artist and not a band.