The Beschissen Curve


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That’s good science.


Free wine also makes art better. That’s like 90% of the reason people attend opening receptions at galleries.


Home made beer – which is usually free, in my experience – is always better than expensive beers.

Because even a mediocre home brew is better than a good commercial brew. At any price. It just is.


“Megaswill”. There’s a reason why that thing earned its name.

I heard about a trick to recognize a good beer. Get it warm and flat. Once out of carbonation and the anesthetic effect of low temperature, if it still tastes somewhat like a beer, it is a good beer.


Also, if you rotate the graph 360 degrees in 3D space about the x axis = wine glass.


This is true for all things. Not just wine.



But then you spill it.


Yes, just so. Miraculously, I rather like warm, flat beer. Probably some medieval peasant gene expressing itself.

But then, I like my sake hot, and I’m told that’s a low-class fisherman thing. A nice sushi restaurant, here in the Twin Cities (I shan’t further name names) once refused to serve me their top-shelf sake hot. Refused firmly, despite my direct strong assertion that I desired their best sake hot. No go.

Good thing I didn’t ask for a flat, warm Kirin.


If you want flat beer, you can’t beat IKEA.


This must by why communion wine tastes so good.


That’s because it’s a full-bodied wine.



Also, Rob, wtf is with all the stock photos of oddly labeled keys on keyboards lately? Someone get a new stock photo package?


They just sell it that way to cut down on shipping and storage costs. You’re supposed to put the bubbles in yourself.


Rotating graphs 360 degrees in 3D space about the x-axis?




Might wanna look up that word in a German dictionary :slight_smile:


As a German this made me laugh.