The best AA lithium rechargeables

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…weirdlish brand names…

Nothing beats


I would never trust a battery that looks like it was made out of Playdoh by a 6 year old.

Somewhat relatedly, a while back I picked up some 9V rechargeables for my smoke alarms—that’s the only place I use 9V batteries, and there would always be an uncomfortable gap between the time an alkaline 9V ran down and the time I replaced it. The rechargeables also wind up reaching break-even with alkalines pretty quickly.

“So some picks might not be good for long.”
Yeah, or burn your house down, always the downside of rechargeable lithium-based batteries, much less so with NiMH.

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Proofread your links guys - http://v/ doesn’t appear to resolve. :crazy_face:

Never fear! It meets QUALITY STANDARDS: GB8897 2-2005.


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