The best hot sauce recipe


Make it smell as bad as cilantro too and I am in!


Any recipe that begins by declaring that cilantro and onions are loathesome isn’t a recipe worth reading.


Devout followers of Krishna really believe this about onions. Apparently they “increase passion and ignorance”.


Can this just be eaten or does one have to roll around on the floor and cry?

I’d hate to come off as a tough guy.


Well, pepper spray is basically concentrated pepper chemicals (capsaicinoids), so it can cause all kinds of irritation, pain, and swelling, particularly to mucus membranes, but other than asthma and swelling risks, it’s not particularly toxic.

Fun fact: Apparently capsaicin has no effect on birds, who have a different nerve biology. The theory is that peppers evolved because having birds eat and disperse the seeds was much more advantageous than mammals do that.


I’ve not made hot sauce before, but this sounds like it would be good for dipping onion rings.


The week long stomach cramps I get if I eat onions are pretty loathsome.


I just want a hot sauce that isn’t based on vinegar.

Nando’s cooked marinades, great. Nandos sauces, just a bit rubbish, And it’s the same with so many hot sauces when uncooked - too sharp and not right. I however do like malt vinegar on it’s own though just not in my hot sauces.


I’m afraid it might contain onions and/or cilantro, both of which are loathsome by any objective standard.

That’s just straight out flamebait.


If it’s too mild add some of this. It’s pretty much guaranteed to have you screaming in agony.


Used to dislike coriander, but it’s grown on me. Use it a lot now.

Onions? Cooked, luvverly. Raw, they’re awful. Cannot bear them, particularly the way you get to enjoy the taste over and over again.


Sriracha or sesame chili oil. I only like classic vinegary “red hot” on certain things. Not too hot on tabasco. I LOVE me raw onions on sandwiches, burgers and salads.


Been there, done that. Showers do not help.


Who eats raw onions?

(Apart from cows. The herd we got our milk from broke into the neighbouring onion field one day. Did I get a nasty shock when I put the results of that on my cornflakes.)


You should have mentioned this sooner!


It tastes like a 9-volt battery dipped in laundry detergent.


I’ve talked to others who taste cilantro that way. The other way I’ve heard it described is “metallic”. I occasionally get a hint of a flavor that I could describe as the latter, but nothing overpowering. Must not be my mutant power.

People who don’t object to the term cilantro being used over “coriander”.


Surely Mark there’s a special tool whose singular purpose is to remove onions and cilantro from a dipping sauce. Actually, there’s probably two tools, one for the cilantro and another for the onions. And then another special tool for cleaning these instruments …


I eat sliced raw onion with cheese and wine, maybe some various meats and hot sauces.

Australian PM Tony Abbott? He doesn’t even peel them first.


Where I live in the American Southwest, we have two things: hot sauce and salsa. Hot sauce is a mixture of peppers, vinegar and maybe one or two other things. Salsa has all that tomato, onion, cilantro etc. in it.