The best part of The Importance of Being Earnest (1952)


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Wow, they were right about Youtube radicalizing everything!


Aaaack. Where did that color come from? It burns, it burns!


The whole movie is a gem.

Except for that one added scene of Lady Bracknell on the train.


She sounds like Matt Berry in Toast of London


Appropriately enough, it comes from coal-

The dye was so popular that the 1890s have been called the “mauve decade” So the use of the colour is actually really contemporary to the play, which came out in 1895


I actually looked up this scene a few weeks ago, how weird. I’ve never seen the movie and the lady’s acting is super over the top.


I look forward to the contemporary update, The Importance of Being Post-Ironic.


Right?!? I just ended up skipping through this “up next” video just to see who that was in the thumbnail. Guess what? It’s not in the video and i now hate myself and the world for watching it :cry:


Yes for the chemistry, but no for this black and white film.


Of course my favorite Lady Bracknell quoute is “To lose one parent may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose both looks like carelessness.”

From one of my favorite shows as a teen. mention of this starts about 26 minutes in, but I recommend the entire episode


My daughter has a brace of small aunts.


A pledge pin?!



The acting of Lady Bracknell is generally expected to be over the top.


There are so many great lines in that play, but that one is the best.


David Suchet doesn’t quite nail it.


Clearly from the Technicolor era. All I can think about is how alarmingly purple the good lady’s clothing is.


Toast fans unite!!


Well, for heaven’s sake, the Google Doodle today is honoring Sir William Henry Perkin’s 180th birthday