The best way to greet a person if you can't remember whether or not you know them

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yeah but this method is really embarrassing whenever you meet one of those people that’s an enemy you forgot about.


“Do I know you from somewhere…?” is a life hack now?

I think that used to be recognized as a cheesy pick-up line, but whatever.


You’re in the habit of making enemies and then forgetting about them?



I believe that is known as a humblebrag.


I’m famously terrible with faces and names, especially when I run across someone out of the context in which I usually encounter them. If I resorted to “Don’t I know you from somewhere,” everyone would soon think I’m the guy from Memento.


I’m in the habit of forgetting people who have decided I’m their enemy!


Step 1: Obtain old-timey hats and mustaches. :thinking:


also “can you remind me of your name?”

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That’s a tad bit different. He actually claimed the aforementioned “enemies,” meaning that the feeling is mutual.

Personally, I tend to remember the people who don’t like me… even if we’ve never actually met.

If you factor in all the emotionally unstable randos from online interactions, there are more than a few of them.

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I’ve rounded up from the maybe 5 or 6 people I’ve known first hand who fit that, to about 6.99 billion of the 7 billion of us.


I find it easier to just be anti-social.


Hopefully your math is off; I’ve never personally encountered that many people, ever; regardless to whether it’s online or in real life.

I used to joke about putting this on a tee-shirt:

###"In the interest of saving time, let's just assume that I hate everyone."


Oh I round WAY up because between the viles, the randos, and the enablers, it’s too damn many people.

I don’t claim accuracy, just that I’ve realized I don’t want to know most people and I’ll figure out why usually about 2 months after meeting them.


“Hey, didn’t Nicholas Cage masturbate to a picture of you in Adaptation? I knew you looked familiar!”


I don’t have this happen so much anymore. If I’ve had a conversation with someone once, I won’t always remember their name, but I generally remember their face if I’ve talked to them.

Of course, during college, I was the on campus computer fixer guy (at one point for all the dorms, except one). So everyone knew me on what was a small campus. I came back the year after graduation to visit, and I’m taking the elevator up to my friend’s room and a gal gets in the elevator and greets me by name, asks how I’m doing, starts talking about how she’s been doing, etc.

I have 0 idea who she is. None. Doesn’t even look familiar. I wonder if I must have been fixing her computer and just sort of making conversational noises while she was talking to me or something, and that’s why she thinks we are sort of friends? I still am not sure. Anyways, I awkwardly fake my end of the conversation until we both get out of the elevator and start to part ways.

And then she nails me on it. “You don’t remember who am I do you?” I figure I probably have a 1 in 20 chance of making up a name and having it be the right one, and so a 95% chance of making it more awkward. So I cop to it. She sort of smiles awkwardly and bids me a nice day. Ah well!

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I hate to pass up a chance to link to one of my favorite short films.

At our company recreation center, working on my leg presses :slight_smile: this guy – a complete stranger – walked up to me and started yammering away as if 1) we knew each other and 2) he was picking up on some conversation he imagined we’d had just moments before. I was busy pumping away, so I let him go on for a while. When I stopped to rest, I said, “I’m sorry. Do I know you from somewhere?” to which he said (in a sort of snotty/annoyed/condescending way), “No. I guess you DON’T know me.” Then he turned and stiffly walked off. For a teensy moment I felt guilty, then got back on the legs. Pumping iron seems to cancel out guilt.

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“Do I know you from somewhere?”

“Dude, I’ve been sitting two cubicles down from you for six years.”

[Activate eject-suit.]

I see. So when a friend approaches you and says hi, are you startled and suspicious? “Huh? How do you know me? I only came into existence this very moment!”


How does THAT work? :thinking::grin: