The Biden Administration. Document the atrocities - Praise the graces

I hate to do this. I really, really hate that I have to do this. But I feel the need to speak up.

We’re all affected by what we’re seeing. We are all weary, we are all scared, and many of us are frustrated as hell. Can we please keep that in mind right now, when we post?

While I can’t fault anyone for seeing the next election as a chance to defend their loved ones, I also cannot blame those who are seeing it as a referendum on what we as Americans are willing to tolerate from our politicians and our government as a whole.

And I am quite sure the Republicans are very happy to see us tearing each other apart over it. I know, it hasn’t quite gotten to that point here, but I’ve seen it in other places, and I’m hoping we can avoid here it if possible.

Please, be kind.

We’re still almost a year out from the election, and while I’m fully aware that the most likely result by far is the choice of Biden v Trump, I’m also holding out some stubborn, probably futile hope that things will change within that time. Hopefully the Democrats and Biden will wake up and realize that they were elected to represent us, not the other way around, and moderate their course into something supportable by their constituents.

Time will tell.

While that may be true, it is also fact that much of the ordnance being used in this conflict was manufactured and provided by the United States and its govenment.

That makes us all complicit.