The Biden Administration- Document the atrocities- Praise the graces

It’s not needless, it’s recognizing something real and important. If Turkey doesn’t like it then perhaps they could call out some of the awful things the US has been doing and really should change too, instead of asking everyone to pretend massacring Kurds is apparently all cool, as if that makes the world a better place.


Calling out wannabe strongman dictators is needless? Are you sure? Because history would indicate that ignoring them doesn’t play out so well.


Thanks for the reminder. It’s not all bad news.
These are table scraps of human rights, but it is a start.

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Not always. Of course not.
People need to be aware of both history (Ottomans) and current affairs for any meaningful change to occur.
My overall point here is that instead of seeking solutions to conflict, this admin does the opposite with its recent jabbing, which clearly play to its base but provide no solution to any problem; rather, it creates further barriers to cooperation and incentive for these countries to band together further against American interests. More conflict = more human suffering.

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ie the human race?


There’s no logic to your argument. The Armenian genocide took place decades before Erdogan was born. If it’s not important to recognize the genocide as a push to support human rights globally in the here-and-now, then why is Erdogan angry about the recognition? Answer: because his authoritarian regime is committing similar atrocities right now. The reality is that the US recognition of the Armenian genocide has two important aspects. First, it finally supports those whose families were destroyed or harmed by it, Second, recognition of the Armenian genocide is the diplomatic message that ongoing atrocities will not be tolerated.

You’re acting like this is overt saber-rattling against Turkey - an ally and fellow NATO member. The two countries are NOT going to go to war. That’s silly. But it is a message that the US can bring crippling economic sanctions against Turkey; and as the sanctions against Russia show, they can be targeted to affect the rich and powerful more than regular folks.


Exactly. Witness what happened when Il Douche abruptly withdrew US troops in southern Syria as a “favor” to his fellow authoritarian. Turkish troops immediately crossed the border and devastated the Kurds, theoretically their allies in the war. As is said frequently here, the past is not that far away. In fact, it isn’t even past.


You make some solid points that I’m happy to acknowledge…
–Erdogan’s record on human rights stinks.
–It is important to support Turks affected by this. (All human rights should be supported)
–He is angry about the recognition.
–Calling genocide by its proper name does send a message that ongoing atrocities (that don’t benefit US interests) will not be tolerated and could cause Erdogan to scale back such behavior (or fall in line on some other front)
–We are not going to war with a NATO ally (sanctions make enemies of allies,)
…but I’m not sure what you think my overall argument is. Turkey was never the focus, only the part engaged by other members.

Here’s an approximation:
Picking fights doesn’t bring peace, but encourages the targets to fight back and cooperate in doing so. I think the recent verbal potshots at Russia, China, and Turkey provided solutions to nothing unless continuing or escalating conflict with these nations (and Iran) is the point Given our foreign policy history of the last few decades, it might be. If so, well-played! It certainly plays well with some folks. I I will continue to hold out for less conflict and attendant suffering.

Turkey is the whole context of this subthread, from the moment you responded to @Purplecat.

As for Russia and Iran, the former is being managed with economic sanctions and the latter is being moved toward no sanctions at all as the Biden admin works to repair the nuclear deal that was trashed by 45.

China is a different subject. I don’t see any chance of a shooting war between the US and China for many reasons, but mostly because the US and Chinese economies are so closely intertwined. It’s another Cold War, but the detente is economic rather than nuclear.


You’re acting as if the Armenians and Kurds don’t matter here. They very much do. Ignoring history and current events helps no one, except Erdogan who can continue to push anti-Kurdish policies with impunity. Let’s not forget he literally just threw his support behind Azerbeijan in a conflict over a disputed region with an Armenian population…

Is allowing these nations to ethnically cleanse where ever they please in the service of peace?


Views by some renowned progressives of Biden’s speech tonight.


Not to mention calling out the United States for its own genocidal treatment of indigenous peoples.

Although the United States quickly accuses other nations of genocide, it hasn’t acknowledged its own genocide against Indigenous people. To affirm it would mean to take measures to prevent it from happening again. That would mean halting ongoing theft and destruction of Indigenous lands, cultures and nations. A process of justice would have to follow suit. An entire legal order that underpins the backwards racist views and practices towards Indigenous people would have to be overturned. Indigenous land and political rights would have to be restored. A savage nation built of untold violence would have to be finally civilized and make amends with the people and nations it has attempted to destroy. After all the elimination of Indigenous nations was not only about taking the land, it was also about destroying an alternative – a world based on making and being in good relations versus that of a racialized class system based on property and conquest.


Now, does he support any plan or legislation that would make this platitude a reality? Absolutely not. But he Said The Thing, so that’s enough, right?

I genuinely do try not to subscribe to the idea that Dems are completely worthless or no better than Republicans, but at least Republicans will tell you they hate you while they vote to destroy your life. Democrats seem content with telling people things should be better while doing very, very little (if anything) to substantively make things actually better.


Though he’s spoken in favor of a public option (stage 1 of M4A) I don’t know that he’s going to be able to get that through until (and unless) Dems win more of the Senate in 2022 and hold onto the House.

There’s just so damn much work to do to shore up democracy in the meanwhile.


This is some good news. Not great, but good.

After the last 4 years, good sounds pretty awesome.


Some important numbers in that article.
-more than 5000 children were separated from their parents during the 45 admin, which the Biden admin has worked down to about 1000.
-The admin has established a FEMA-derived task force to reunify families
-the average stay for an unaccompanied minor in CBP custody has dropped to 20 hours vs 133 in March.
-there are 677 unaccompanied children in CBP custody vs 5700 in late March.


Seems like the photographer at the Carter Library, which posted this photo, might have staged it more, um, gracefully.





Who knew the Carter Library has a display with such lifelike Jimmy and Rosalyn dolls!