The birth of a baby Cthulhu


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It’s so cute!


If you pronounce it correctly, Cthulhu shows up. So are you really sure you want to know?


There’s a safety mechanism. You have to pronounce it correctly three times.


In front of your bathroom mirror, right?


If you write and run 5-6 lines of APL code, there’s a good chance of His Tentacleness paying a visit anyway. We don’t need no steenkin’ safety mechanisms…


Fungus, right… My religious training has prepared me to recognize that particular entity.
That there is a Prairie squid.

Huffing Boing Boing

This is exactly how Gaelic looks to me. I see the letters they use, I hear what they say, I don’t follow how one could possibly have anything to do with the other.


I would like to congratulate my colleague for excellence in Cthulhu cosplay. Surely an effort deserving of the reward of being eaten first when the great old ones return!


Instead of “a girl can dream,” I thought you’d go with…

“In her house at R’lyeh a girl waits dreaming”


… a distant relative of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus


Carboniferous ancestor courtesy of John Ptak:


My protective cage, let me show you it:


For those wondering “what in the hell is that thing”?

there is also a red cage fungus:


So how many people failed their SAN roll?


Would be awesome set to Erik Satie’s Gnossienne No. 5 - but so would anything Cthuloid, in my experience.


Well, that settles it. It’s “fungopodes”.

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