The blonde, white Capitol rioter who bragged her race and status would keep her from prison is sentenced to 60 days in prison

"Yeah, I was arrested for being in a parade. I guess we didn’t have a permit of something. "


At the hearing, Cooper told Ryan that he believed her punishment would tell Americans “something about the courts and about how our country responded to what happened, and I think the sentence should tell them that we take it seriously.”

Well, it’s certainly telling how seriously our courts are taking it, at least.

For the last few years, while running through my neighborhood (and the surrounding ones) I had the unpleasant experience of seeing all the signs and flags from TFG supporters. Once Winter hit, I noticed an odd thing. Sidewalks are rarely shoveled equally, of course, but some are always better than others. In front of some homes, they’re particularly bad – shoveled enough to comply with the law requiring homeowners to do so, but not enough to actually help anyone that might be using said sidewalk. It didn’t take very long to start making the obvious connection, hence the expression “Republican snow shoveling.”

Isn’t it odd that this story should pop into my head as I read the account of this rioter getting a whole 60 days and a huge $500 fine for participating in an insurrection?


Look at Judge Winebox, who hasn’t been a judge in decades.


So I got into my “What If” machine and set it for a group of Black Lives Matter protesters to charge up the capital stairs and demand to talk with their elected congressmen during the year 2020. None of the protesters were armed, none had stated an intent to harm anyone. The What If machine paused for just a second then went on to note that none of the protesters faced charges after their attempt to express concerns. However their surviving family members were required to pay for their funerals and any damage done by stray bullets
I suspect that any protesting group who tried to communicate with our new nazi party would end up close to the same. The GQP has the same thing going as the Pope, they are infallible in anything they do in the name of the party.


She wasn’t left wing though

Agree with him or not, Daniel Baker only called for what far right groups get away with every day, and what the Black Panthers got criticised for in the 1960s and 70s.

The “good guy” with a gun is, by definition, a fascist.


It sure does seem like they’ve given her a pro forma sentence just so they could avoid validating her entirely accurate assumption that they’d likely let her walk. The courts are still not quite willing to let the quiet part be said out loud yet.


They all look alike anyway, it’s so hard to tell.

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60 fucking days?!


The news story was posted to YouTube on January 15, and the anchors said “last week” when referring to the insurrection, so he wasn’t “ex-president” yet, despite having lost the election.

I worked in TV News back in the 80s, and the standard at the time was, for the most part, to refer to former presidents as “President” so-and-so, out of respect for the office. It’s notable that so many media outlets these days have abandoned that practice this year when referring to this particular ex-president. I don’t consume right-wing media, so, I can’t speak to how they’re handling this style-guide issue, but it certainly seems to be the case that most center-leaning to left-leaning media outlets are using the term “ex-” or “former-president.” I’ve heard veteran reporters stumbling over themselves when talking about the former president because they’ve had decades of referring to former presidents simply as “president,” but given the fact that this former president isn’t admitting that he’s actually former makes the distinction important.


Ah. Well. Maybe she can be the next Piper Kerman. But that shit’s played out by now, so hopefully not.

60 days. Imagine literally any leftist group doing something similar. They’d be dead, the bodies would be piling up outside the doors before a single one ever set foot inside the Capitol. Our entire justice and police systems are set up to protect right wing lunatics and make sure consequences for them are as light as possible, every time. The insurrectionists need to be in prison for decades, if not life sentences. They are too dangerous to be allowed back into society, but instead they’re going to be free to do it all over again, or worse.


It’s probably just a misdemeanor, she’s not gonna lose her license over that. My nephew was run over by an emergency room doctor, Roger Nicosia, and his legs were cut off by the prop. Nicosia then left the scene of the accident. He pled to a misdemeanor and his license was never even looked at by the board.


Wow. Fuck that guy. Asshat even tried to sue for defamation (I looked him up)

Sorry this happened to you nephew. I hope he is doing better now


Well, that’s a shame.
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Yeah, but they were just … argle bargle … tourists!

The right seem to spend more of their time wanting “justice” for Ashli Babbitt and doxing the officer defending the Capitol against her and her ilk.

She’s going to yoga prison.

Not sure why that end comment is on there.


Texas Real Estate License & Criminal Records
The Texas Real Estate Commission, or TREC, decides who does - or doesn’t - get a real estate license . While they don’t have a list of crimes that will automatically disqualify you from getting a license , they do require that every applicant demonstrate honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity.
So, it’s a toss-up. Not sure how infested the TREC is with FDCs.

Not all of us are fascists.

Pretty sure that would be most parts of the country…

Again, some will. Others will avoid it like the plague.
As others have said, 60 days is far too little time to serve for participating in an insurrection.
May she be known as a traitor for the rest of her days.


Re: “Everybody Thinks I Am a Piece of…Poop”

She chartered a private plane with friends to go “storm the capitol”, actually did storm the capitol, tried to save her bottom line with PayPal donations thinking storming the capitol was a good thing before she was shut down. Now she’s concerned with yoga and relaxing pastimes in federal prison, not to mention aiding her business.

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No need to apologize. I’m the one who should be saying sorry. I have family Texas and have always had a good time and met nice people there. I apologize for the sweeping generalization.