The boss who tries to be funny at the start of every Zoom meeting

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Bosses should not tell jokes for much the same reason officers should not gamble with enlisted (wo)men.

whether you’re indirectly nudging someone to not play their best lest you feel dumb you lost a poker hand to a guy with nothing but a pair or forcing a depressed engineer to pretend to think your dumb ass is funny to avoid being branded “not a cultural fit”, bosses who want to be your friend are the worst.

my best and favorite boss had the mannerisms of the VC guy from silicon valley, minus the desire to throw parties.

Terse, short sentences. Bulleted lists. Sometimes, if you did a good job, and exclamation point following three words: “That’s great work”.

No ass grabbing, no ego, no slideshows of vacation no bullshit.

Miss that boss.

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Hallelujah. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of, “sorry for the terse feedback, in a rush,” emails and I’m always thinking, why are you apologizing? I LOVE terse feedback. That’s all I want. Thank you for not wasting my time!

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I’m surrounded by Type A extroverts that pull this kind of shit all the time. Padding meetings with pleasantries, anecdotes, humblebrags, and other off topic nonsense. Then they proceed to present a long winded PowerPoint deck, read it verbatim, and don’t even bother to use presentation mode.

It feels like such a waste of my time and somehow it’s become worse as we’re all working from home. Makes me feel like the asshole because I don’t miss coming into the office and having to deal with all the face to face human interaction, and because in general I don’t want to have casual conversations about my personal life or hear about anybody else’s (especially with 50 other people listening in).

Just get to the fucking point and get it over with so I can get back to work. And if you’re going to just read the slide deck verbatim, maybe don’t even bother presenting it. Learn some basic presentation skills if you’re going to be running meetings with slide decks.

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