The buffalo magnetic poetry set you didn't know you needed

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If only they were chickens.


The buffalo magnetic poetry set you didn’t know you needed

You’re right, I didn’t know I needed this. Probably because I don’t need it.

Now were it a badger magnetic poetry set…


As long as you use the correct number of tiles your poem is guaranteed to be grammatically correct every time.

Do be careful.

Zach Weinersmith /


I’ve created an avant-garde sanitation system that confronts people with their waste

There actually exists an art installation that confronts people with their waste, though not a sanitation system, but rather a digestive system:

When asked about his inspiration, Delvoye stated that everything in modern life is pointless. The most useless object he could create was a machine that serves no purpose at all, besides the reduction of food to waste.

Well. . . it rhymes anyway.


As a Buffalo area resident let me give you my unbiased opinion on this product.

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Wot, no mushrooms?
Badger badger badger badger :mushroom::mushroom:
Oh badger badger badger badger :mushroom::mushroom:
Badger badger badger badger :mushroom::mushroom:
:snake: ooohh :snake:

(damnit where’s the badger emoji when you need it?
… just submitted to the Unicode consortium that’s where!


Build your own grammarphone!

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I usually go with excusable or forgivable.
Especially when commenting on pop music.

That emoji submission was going well until this line:

Badgers have existed since the 16th century

(referencing the earliest known recorded instance of the word “badger” in the English language). FFS.

Missed that bit. Oh dear.

I gotta admit, that one tile in ALL CAPS really completes it.

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