The Cat from Outer Space

Amazingly, this is still a possible thing in Ann Arbor. Two movie houses to choose from, even.

@MaiqTheLiar: Yes. Alien.

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Glad to hear Michigan Theater is still going, is the other one State Theater? Saw many great movies at Michigan Theater, everything from Clockwork Orange to Mondo New York to The Ten Commandments, and the organ was always a treat so I hope that is still a part of each show.

I still remember when there was another theater over on S. University, demolished to be replaced by a shitty ass mall (where I worked at a shitty ass record store called Tracks). Looked on google street view, I hardly recognize that street. Village Corner Grocery replaced by giant ugly apartment building? Pinball Pete’s on the wrong side of the street?

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Danny John Jules is terribly disappointed this thread does not include him.

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