The Cat from Outer Space


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As a kid I loved this movie. It has a cat, and is Sci-Fi (to some degree).


Same!! We watched this so many times…thank you 80s disney channel


I saw this in the theater…but still liked Escape to Witch Mountain better.


Indeed, it is a bit odd that there’s been no remake of this yet, considering that it does seem to be fondly remembered and that we’ve gotten remakes of the likes of Witch Mountain, The Love Bug, and even lesser movies like That Darn Cat.

But then, I guess in an era when things like Cats & Dogs and Good Boy! are kicking about regularly, yet another film about a cat with super powers might be a hard sell to the execs.


I think that I even had a book adaptation…


Saw it in the theater. My dad and older brother and I went downtown to the movies (remember when that was a sentence that existed?); one theater was showing Heaven Can Wait, and the other Cat from Outer Space. They chose Heaven Can Wait, I went for the space cat. Seemed like a no brainer to me.


The question I’m left with is: Have space aliens and domestic cats ever been seen in the same picture?


I’ve seen this movie possibly millions of times. Might go watch it again here.


Depends how gullible you are?


I loved this movie when I was little (we even watched it in school once!) but I think one talking cat movie every ten years or so is about as much as the market can handle.

Disney’s on a remake kick, and it’s working out well so far, but I won’t start worrying until I see remakes of Condorman, Blackbeard’s Ghost, the Apple Dumpling Gang, and The Genuine Original Family Band.


I’m a little surprised they never made a crossover movie starring “That Darn Cat!”

Imagine how much money Disney could have made if they put in the effort to properly establish the DFCU (Disney Feline Cinematic Universe) franchise.


That’s one of the ones that was shown to us in school; though I want to watch it I’m a little wary of revisiting it, as my adult-rewatching of Darby O’Gill and the Little People was… disappointing.


Well, there’s always Gus or The World’s Greatest Athlete.


I think @jlw listed this as one of his favorite movies earlier this year.

For me the best thing about this movie is the blackboard arrangement in Ken Berry’s office.

It is better if you first watch the promo film in which Walt visits Ireland and is given a tour by Darby et al.


Disney revisited the “animal joins professional sports team” in the 90s with Air Bud and Air Bud: Golden Receiver (along with their direct-to-video sequels). I think we may be due for a film about a gruff-but-lovable llama with a surprising talent for hockey.


I’m sensing llama spit will be an offensive move.


And that one has already been remade, unfortunately…


One of my favorite movies as a kid.

But not as awesome as:

Space Cat
Space Cat Visits Venus
Space Cat Meets Mars
Space Cat and the Kittens


No, no, no : you don’t get it. They remake good movies and make them worst, not bad movies to make them better !