The cat lawyer "sings" in this 48-second mini-musical

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Is anyone else kinda sick of these- musical translations? They seem neither musical nor funny after one or two of them IMO. I will say that a lot of these musicians are incredibly talented, including this pianist!

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A little. But still not sick of kitten with Texas drawl.


No, no, no! You missed the point entirely. See, it’s not really a cat that speaks Texan style. Instead, it’s actually an attorn…ah fuck it. Never mind!

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Mine, too. Sorry!

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No worries.

I wonder if Ethridge does this to his tweens/teens (if he has kids) when they are asking for something?

Tween: Hey dad… I’ve got this… great idea…STOP IT!
Ethridge : :notes: :notes::notes: :notes: :notes::notes: :notes: :notes:… {Pounds Chords}


Cat lawyer turns out to have a history of being a horrible person back when he was a prosecutor. Sent a DEA squad to go raid the business of a woman he’d briefly gone out with who’d broken off the relationship (a head shop in a college town, and she’d always been careful to only sell legal merchandise.) She ended up deciding she couldn’t stay in that town and moved to Houston.

Still funny watching him not have a clue about how to un-cat-filter his call.

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