The chips for diarrhea trade-off: remember Olestra?

You’re…in the right place here. Welcome, Happy Mutant!


Those same indigestible fats occur naturally in some fish, such as the escolar a.k.a. Snake mackerel:


Which is ugly as hell but quite delicious.


Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm!

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I used to buy and eat Olestra chips and never ever had a problem with anal leakage. They were still available in stores in my area in the Midwest as recently as 2018.

To be honest, I haven’t bought anything but kettle or Hardbite chips in years so I hadn’t been in the market for Olestra chips.

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Super delicious, but ya gotta watch the portion size. Also listed as white tuna on menus sometimes, so watch out.

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I recall them but never tried them. Not sure if they made it to Canada.

I was keen to try them 'cause I tended to overeat, esp. salty chips and tortilla chips. I’d hopped my eat-damn-near-anything-with-no-stomach-problems superpower (like cherries or grapes. I once ate ~1kg of cherries during a 4-hour morning car trip with no adverse stomach problems) would let me consume same amount of chips with less fat absorption. Ya know, instead of cutting down. Which I eventually did.

I’ve also eaten some of those sugar-free gummies made so famous by the Amazon review. A good handful. No problems. And street food in Durgapur, India. And falafel from street vendors in Saudi Arabia.

There was that one falafel in Venezuela, though (probably the white garlic sauce that sits on the table. Outside in the sun. In Vz.). Didn’t realize one could upchuck their own butthole. Nearest I’ve been to death. So far.

ETA: the white sauce culpability explanation.

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