The Christmas tree ornament of Doom

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Perfect! Now the cats can do more than just knock down ornaments - they can really play with them.


Hmmm…I am sure there are Christmas themed wads that could be loaded into this…


Now I have a job ahead of me.

Back story. My oldest had night terrors when she was young. When that occured, she would get out of bed and ask me to play Doom. She would watch over my shoulder as I took care of the monsters and after a couple of rounds it was like a switch was flipped. She would say good night and go to bed with no repeat occurrences for a week or two.

As an adult she has been giving me Original Doom Themed Christmas presents (the 486 Book; Doom blanket; most of the characters in stuffy form; Doom Medallion) . This would be a great one to reciprocate with.


I was never a computer game player, but damn, I so want one of those! Sadly I have none of the equipment nor skilz to create something as cool as that.

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I love this story…

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I did not poo-poo her fears. I am happy that “Daddy will protect” worked for her.
Hell I had something like her night terrors when I was a kid and my dad did “something” similar. If you want a good short read, find the following, Dreams Are Sacred, a novelette by Peter Phillips and you will get the idea.

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