The CIA has developed board-games to train future spies


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Perhaps another one:


And gamers around the world say ‘Bah!’ waves paw dismissively


psychopathic killers were trained with Monopoly and house rules?


Collection looks pretty boring but Kingpin looks kind of cool.


I’d play them, when are they being released to the market?


Based on your icon, I’d check the Goblin Market.


The game has been on the market for years, it just hasn’t been declassified yet.



Board games. Please. Call me when they’re using RPGs, like a couple other govts used to do (and may still do) with Shadowrun.


this is fascinating, do you have a source handy? I would love to learn about this

Paranoia? has anyone checked the connections of the original authors with the Three Letter Agencies?


I just hope recruits’ required viewing includes The Man Who Knew Too Little



Been there, done that.


When I was in undergrad in the early 1990s, I took part in an RPG that was based on a scenario created by the US State Department. It was set in a fictitious middle-eastern country (but clearly based on Lebanon), and the players were various staff members in the US embassy. The NPCs were various government officials from the host country including their army and police forces and they were asking for support. The trick as I recall is that you had to notice that the army was Muslim-dominated and the police Christian and you didn’t want to be interfering with the power balance and start a civil war.



This must be from a newer version of Illuminati than the one I have (which just has black & white cards).



Looks like a spiffied up form of scenario modeling done in a more engaging way.


It’s killing me, because I can’t find the article I read about this years ago. Germany, and I believe another Euro country were using Shadowrun as training for their special ops folks at one point since it has just enough tactical reality combined with weird stuff to make them think on their feet and have some fun with it.

And I did think about Paranoia. I almost wonder if that’s the Dilbert/Office Space/IT Crowd/Silicon Valley of the espionage set.


Ok, that’s kind of awesome. I knew something like this had to exist.