The CIA's former Chief of Disguise reveals what makes a good disguise


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This is something right out of The Shadow!


“Mr. Nesbitt has learned the first lesson of not being seen: not to stand up. However, he has chosen a very obvious piece of cover.”


The most fruitful thing in that video is the mention of using old, gray haired, physically unassuming old men.

They are never to be trusted.


From now on I am going to constantly change my outfits throughout the day.


Any of you ever see that Papasan guy? I don’t think that’s a real mustache.


Agree. And I think his real name is Roger.


I was going to make a joke about there being no “Mission Impossible” masks, but sure enough she talked about those, too.


The gravel in the shoe trick was used by Heinlein in ‘Double Star’.


I’m disguised right now!


… [A]n American posing as a European can give themselves away by holding a cigarette the wrong way, resting while standing on one leg, or holding a fork in their right hand.

A cultural idiom gives away the undercover Americans in Inglorious Bastards:


The weird American cutlery switch shown in the video was also a favourite real-life giveaway for the Gestapo.


I was just about to post this. But I’m learning to keep reading through the comments, just in case.


Dis-guised, dat-guy, di udder guy, dey everywhere!


Yes, and I got that before they explained the give away. 3 semesters of HS German didn’t goto waste!


CIA Chief of Disguise sounds like one of the best jobs ever


… I haven’t watched the video yet, but are we trusting info from former CIA agents now? Just checking.



Who knew that the creepy old man puppet from Nickelodeon’s Todays Special was actually a CIA-disguised woman?!


I bet it’s “looking like someone else”


See every episode of The Americans.