The City of Los Angeles is searching for a "Graphics Designer" with the best ad ever


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“Please take pity on us and come rescue us from the person who created this want ad.”


Not at all, I think the ad is clever and fun. Usually in government those qualities are punishable, but the occasional exception makes me happy.


The City of Los Angeles apologizes for the playful recruiting advertisement.

Those responsible have been sacked.


Hey, I worked really hard on that ad.



Good job! I like that Fauvist/Mondrian thing on the left. (Or was is supposed to be a Paul Klee?)


Ingenious. It appears that they should hire whoever came up with that design, as it is perfect for its function.


Wow - what a wide range of salary. No idea how you could live on the low end in LA. I’d apply if they let me work from home, but I am sure there are much better designers locally.


It looks like there are several positions being filled.


Yes, but I am not seeing where working remotely would be an option.


I’m in !


I just meant to explain the range. The low end is $46,708 to $68,319 which would be about the average income in LA even though the expense of living there is so high.

I don’t know if they allow remote work, but I guarantee unless you at least had the ability to drive in when needed it probably isn’t available.


Gee, I didn’t remember how exhausting it was to draw using your mouse…


ohhh, i’m sorry – the ad clearly states they are looking for a GRAPHICS designer.


They did- Look at the salary offer.


Btw, I know a bunch of councils that would have posted such an ad…candidly.


Please don’t crush my dream !


When i first got really into using photoshop i didn’t have a drawing tablet and did 100% of my drawing and editing via a mouse and it was a huge pain in the ass. Never again :frowning:


As a (former) professional graphics designer, I’d say this is feckin’ brilliant. It’s fun, very eye-catching, and conveys a sense of ‘we urgently need you!!’. And I’m saying this without satire; I really think it’s great.