The "Classic Loveline" podcast brings back the radio show that taught us sex and drugs


Not a patch on Graham Torrington’s Late Night Love.


This is Jack Killian, “The Nighthawk” on KJCM, 98.3 and Good night America… wherever you are.

Huh, no “Poorman”. Not classic, just old-ish.


Dude - I totally used to listen to that late at college. I did learn something.

One thing was the “baby doll voice” of a woman almost always meant they suffered horrible abuse in their life… really sad…

Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! There is no LL without Poorman.

I was always a little resentful of Love Line. Growing up in Seattle, I would listen to Savage Love Live on KCMU when I should have been asleep and when Love Line debuted, it seemed like a watered down version of Dan Savage’s call in show. I’ll take “boyfriends testing butt plugs” over “how to to change a smoke detector battery” any day.

Radio? Scandalous! My generation learned about sex and drugs the traditional way, in the back seat of a parked Buick - like our honored forefathers since time immemorial.

Well, we learned about intoxication leading to pregnancy, anyway. Maybe that wasn’t a very good system after all.

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This is so depressing. Dr. Drew has the hammer of addiction medicine, so everything looks like a nail to him. I’ve heard him BERATE women on the air for insisting they didn’t experience any trauma even though they had the “baby voice.” (Why listen to a woman when you can diagnose her over the phone?) He told people that partners requested threesomes as a way to sabotage their relationships, and that polyamory is a sign you have unresolved sex addiction issues. Plus the old “you like BDSM because you were abused” thing.

He’s a terrible sex educator and I hate that he’s who informed my generation about sex. People like Dan Savage are doing the heavy lifting of teaching 30 year olds that they’re not broken because they’re into spanking.


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