Classic hysterical sermon about threat of widespread public sex



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This is a classic rant! I had some of this on a tape I bought from WFMU years ago, and some on a SubGenius tape also. So many sample-worthy bits…

It still amazes me that I live in a society where many people actually fear “sex in the streets” as being the end of the world.


Jack and Rexella have been a source of joy far too long in my life.
Oh, I’ll never forget Chuck Ohman’s voice and delivery.



Actually, this turned out to be a slightly different Impe rant than I’d heard, but he covered a lot of the same material. What a character…


My favourite:

It’s almost too filthy to read, but let’s be honest about the facts.


Actually, Kick Out the Jams was pretty effective, though I don’t know about in the streets.


Kick Out the Jams’ will produce sex on the streets in every major US city.

Ah, what might have been.


It might be too late for 1974, but it’s never too late for sex in the street.


Parts of this show up on a DJ Shadow track that I can’t locate at the moment.


I used to like watching Jack van Impe when he showed up on late night TV in Boston. What amazed me was how artfully done it was. He’d start off seemingly sane and normal, making simple factual statements interspersed with Bible references… and then 15 or 20 minutes later, he’d be talking about how the Dalai Lama was right-hand-man to the Antichrist, and I’d think “Hang on, how did we get here?”

Basically, this rant is fun, but I prefer his later subtler work where he’d really mastered the art of ratcheting up the crazy slowly, so slowly you almost couldn’t notice it happening.

I’ve also always found Rexella somehow hypnotic. There’s something almost demonic about her. I could totally believe that she swallows live rodents in the dressing room.


Need some cool beats…


TIL rock music originated in Russia.




The other Jack Van Impe “sex in the streets” rant I heard specifically cited the problems with rock music as originating in Africa with the rhythms of “the fertility rites of the jungle”. It’s his business to learn about these sordid things so that you and your family don’t need to. XD



I’m not religious in any sense of the word, but I do sometimes like watching the Van Impe show for it’s rather surreal production quality. The way his wife is kind of a cheerleader for his weekly prognostications regarding the end of the world. Good stuff!


Well, he certainly nailed it regarding Herman’s Hermits. Direct from the pit of Hell, I say. Good thing they flamed out before '74.


I’d like to know where to sign up for sex in the streets please. Is there some kind of newsletter that I can subscribe to?