Skimpy Skirts and Hippie Hair



Dr. Huge F. Pile? Not entirely convinced this is sincere…

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I’d love to see how they manage to twist the bible to say that men should cut their hair and beards.


Also, it’s Hugh, not Huge:

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And it’s Pyle not Pile. It’s very clever, I know.


Sadly this one is not available in Rev. Pyle’s long list of titles. But “Beware of Herpes – The Scarlet Monster! (Yuppie Disease)” is only 60 cents, a real bargain. And the front page assures us that “… proceeds from the sale of his books [] provide scholarships to preacher boys.”

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Those damn hippies are everywhere!


There is no hope that this is really a moderate tome helping people to be rational in their judgements of others is there?

I once wrote a paper on “Communism, Hypnotism, and the Beatles” that explored its hypothesis that rock music was warping the minds of youth. Turned out there was something to it – the suspension of analytic thinking while listening to the music, plus the heavy bass/drums, meant that messages embedded in the songs were effectively programming its listeners. There are also powerful socialization effects of participating in youth culture, particularly rock concerts. Billy Ray Hargis was quite an influential radio evangelist and a lot of this book was based on his material.


please define “embedded” and “programming”.


I’d say if there were embedded messages (not saying they were), it was more along the lines of “buy our albums” rather than “listen to the Kremlin”… In a way, popular music and other forms of mass culture, especially advertising, are in part getting you to buy more stuff. See, for example, Propaganda by Edward Bernays

Also, more about Bernays and the use of Freud’s theories in the consumer society in this documentary (this is just part 1):

YMMV, but this could be what @charleswatkins was meaning. There were genuine fears of the mass media in the postwar period precisely because of the rise of Hitler, which was often attributed to Hitler’s use of mass media, and since many Anti-communists saw the Soviets are as bad, if not worse than Hitler, it stands to reason that they’d attribute this sort of manipulation to the communists through American popular culture, as they were pretty ambivalent about it.

Those are some sinister-looking Beatles, aren’t they?

It might be worth comparing these books to “How to Read Donald Duck: Imperialist Ideology in the Disney Comic” or “Words of Power: A Feminist Reading of the History of Logic”.


My grandmother used to go to a lot of church-sponsored seminars, one of which taught her that an unnamed group of twelve men were actually running the country and they hired The Beatles to undermine our youth with pro-communist doctrine.

It was a success until “one of them cracked” (again, unnamed) and admitted their dirty deeds. I’m guessing it’s why the government had Lennon’s assassination look like the work of a psycho.

Good times.

Doc Pyle even gets into the juicy stuff:
SEX, LOVE & ROMANCE: Sex Education from the Bible

Once ya get the lovin’ part down, I guess that one needs this one:
The Taming Of The Toddler (wonder if he borrowed lessons from lil’ Bess?)

Edit: Trying to figure out if these two are related:
Keeping The Honey in the Honeymoon
Joy of the Second Coming

And one-thirteenth of them are traitors.

Buncha sandal-wearing freakjobs probably want to give away free healthcare too.


I know another group of twelve men who sought to spread a socialist doctrine.

The one who cracked and undermined the rest of the group was named Judas Iscariot.


kinda like those found in athletics, church, school, and the military, right? but when the activity is chosen and self-directed rather than proscribed, that’s dangerous.


Probably about as moderate as this one:
Truth About the Homosexuals

The homosexuals clamor for what they call "gay pride" acceptance. We need to educate a whole new generation that such behavior is not gay pride but sad shame. The Bible describes depraved sinners as those "who being past feeling have given themselves over unto lasciviousness, to work all uncleaness with greediness" (Ephesians 4:18). In this pamphlet Dr. Pyle reveals the truth about this perverted lifestyle.