Watch the '60 Minutes' episode "The Rastafarians" (1980) with Bob Marley

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I came across a Rasta village in the Caribbean several years back and was surprised to hear them listening to Hank Williams.

‘Your Cheating Heart’ by H. Williams Sr. covered here by Winston Groovy:

This is what I heard them listening to that day.


The rastafarian history is super interesting and other details tangentially related to it. I went down that rabbit hole a couple of years back on Wikipedia/Google. There’s quite a bit of it that i wouldn’t consider common knowledge, even to the people that like to display rasta flags and colors.



Accurate, though sometimes i tend to combine my efforts and will search things through Wiki and Google. As often times i will find really good articles on Google or find related info through it that i might not find otherwise on Wikipedia.

I love random facts so Wikipedia is crack to me. I often will search things on it on a whim.


Never hear that. Really enjoying it, thanks!

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Anything the heathen do, they blame it on I and I.



The usual White People view of Rastafarianism:

A dear friend of mine’s grandmother was a legit white rasta (and even emigrated to Jamaica). From the stories I heard, it was definitely not an easy life.

Wow… that made me feel old.
~torches a doobie~

So Nader is looking clinically at the irrationality of this religion and how it can exploit its adherents. I eagerly look forward to a followup report that concerns Christianity/Judaism.

The point obviously being, Rastafarianism is no more irrational than Christianity, Judiasm, Mormonism, or Scientology. But 1980’s Rather isn’t going to get near that one.

Overall what is presented there is accurate and is far more informative than national broadcast media had done on the subject at the time. The questions asked may seem a bit leading but with the answers in context they do address some propagandistic issues which originated with the Jamaican govt.

Really no problems with this segment

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Aren’t you supposed to emigrate to Ethiopia, or was this after the Derg took power?

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