The coming "cyberpunk" entertainment war


Okay, I was wary about this until now. But if Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus means CYBERPUNK WAR, then I’m on-board!


Team Tessier-Ashpool?


vs. Team Blue Ant?


Well, we’re not getting jet packs, so we’ll have to settle for retractable claws.

I’d rather have the jet packs.

As long as the space rastas are involved, I am down, Also when do we get to move on to the bay bridge.


It won’t really be a cyberpunk war until employees of Facebook looking to change careers to Google and the like face the same sorts of challenges as Soviet defectors and require elaborate plans to get away from their handlers.

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Zuckerberg a rude boy, Case. Facebook Zuckerberg boat.


Hrm… Facebook IS the color of television tuned to a dead channel…


Team Marcus Garvey, indeed.

Ooooh oooh I’m in, can I get a Jane clone PLEASE?!?!?! They’re just the right kind of psycho.

Their anti-poaching agreement meant that wasn’t happening either.

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Sentient AI or Bust!

Unless it turns out that “anti-poaching” was actually literal, and we simply have not been privy to the Silicon Valley Tech-Firm Employee Assassination Pogroms of the Early 21st Century, which simply had to be brought to a stop by the Anti Poaching Accords in order to end the nonstop bloodshed.

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If you’re into #cyberpunk, I just found out about a cool, immersive cyberpunk event happening in may called unthinkable complexity, also riffing off a Gibson quote from Neuromancer. I heard they were having some Oculus like things there too but it’s on the DL.

Here’s a link to the TUMBLR:

Here’s the FB page.

Tix are only $20 now.

Just noticed they are giving away free tickets on FB if you LIKE the page too.

Not to mention the boiling.

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