The controversial history of the California US military building shaped like a swastika

Is that a Hugo Boss store?


Swastikas (though facing counterclockwise) are still very common in Japan and South Korea, where they are associated with Buddhism. If you see one on a map, it is indicating the location of a temple. They do make the distinction between the Buddhist swastika and the (clockwise) Nazi swastika, of course.

Still, it can be jarring to first time visitors to Asia.


Perhaps enough bright red paint can salvage the issue.



Did they get the actual explosion or were they late recording? Always wondered about this.

The desks in my university library are often clumped together in swastika (or swavastika) shapes. To make maximum use of the space, they were clumped together in groups of four, which naturally forms one or the other shape. I doubt it’s generally noticed. I didn’t until I happened upon a floor plan.


The biggest surprise here is that the design is intentional. I came into this story assuming that this is just the natural outcome of a brief like “make sure every room has a window”


I don’t follow you. This clip is of the actual explosion. Late recording what?

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It always seemed like there were missing frames of film at the start of the explosion, like one second there’s the crest, then next frame it’s already quite exploded. Could be the framerate of the film, or the type of detonation - or the camera op wasn’t recording at that exact moment.

I used to use a (video) camera that had a 5 second pre-record when shooting for news. As long as my shot was framed, I never missed a stun grenade or building implosion.

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But one group of people gets to work in the bomber buildings and another goes to work everyday to the swastika building.

No one else saw the two buildings on the same base that are shaped like SS? It’s listed in Google Maps as Barracks 783 and 787 (32.6991654289392, -117.18692218141899)



Do you think it’s coincidence that the guy is pointing with his middle finger?

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