The coolest portable record players in the world

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Wot, No Close N’ Play?

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I rather like that first one. The green player with the keys. Would like to see a sleeker/cleaner one as far as the design goes but i still quite like it. Would be interesting to jam out some tunes on a keyboard along with a given record.


I like the one made by, apparently, “Lucky.” How lucky I might have felt. With any of these, really.
Plus, the photos are nice.

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“Jam out” very carefully.
Or not, depending on the desired effect.
And if anyone is watching.

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I clicked on the thread, thinking I was going to get ideas for functional portable record players.

I wouldn’t trust a record to the cheap stylus and tone arm in any of those!


Where does the iPod dock?


In my head, the keyboard dynamically shifts the pitch of the record to the key of the note pushed (great for modulating droning tones).

Or the keyboard can sample a dozen seconds of music with a punch in/punch out, and then subdivide the sample into 24 segments mapped to each key.

Or you can press and hold a key to record a sample from a song (like the Keezy iOS app - it’s free and AMAAAA~ZING), and then play back specific samples in real time.

Shit, this thing is awesome. Where can I get it?


Pretty great concept, wonder if this is a thing. Could have a switch to change modes to Sample, Pitch Change, Keyboard, etc.

Love the Takt.

wonderful things!

I remember being fascinated by the wearable DJ setup used in this video.

Let’s not also forget about these:

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My dad was a Panasonic dealer in the 60s (one of very few in Chicago at the time), and he sold record players, but none of the novelty ones like the ones in the post, otherwise I’m sure we would have had one of each. (It is possible that they didn’t even sell these in the US, as they are “National”-branded.) The cool kids all had the mangiadischi
My wife says she had one, but she’s not been able to find it in her parents’ basement, so I’ve not been able to get a post-childhood look at one.

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Sweet! I’ll have to go check this out when I’m back in Tokyo.

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