The Copyright Office just greenlit a suite of DRM-breaking exemptions to the DMCA

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Well I’m sure the lawyers of the entertainment industry will just take their lumps and go home. Sorry boys, I guess we’re out of work.


At least the door is open a little, even if the door itself is fucking stupid.


Off topic slightly, but to the point. I live in public housing situated on some of the most expensive property in the state, in a building that was started in the Kennedy/Johnson Administration (says so on a plaque outside). At any rate, our bathroom doors were designed to open in either direction, a rather far-sighted design decision that allowed easy wheel chair access and use. For some insanely idiotic reason, the powers that be INSIST that the bathroom door MUST be wheelchair accessible. Uh. It always was folks…??? NONONONO! We must make sure of this by restricting the door to open in the one and only way that wheelchairs can access. Uh, my apt. is really tiny and having the door to the bathroom open outwards is horrible for me. NO MATTER, they say. We will put in a barrier that only allows the door to open in the way we’ve deemed fit. Ok, fine. Do that, go away, and then I’ll simply take it down. Well, we, er, wrangled about this off and on for a few years. Until one time, they put the barrier on backwards, so the door ONLY opened in the direction that was good for me. I’ve never taken that one down and when inspected, they apparently could not care less about what it is actually accomplishing. It never, EVER helped to point out that, as I’ve said before, that the door, when left alone, opens BOTH WAYS.

Well, that’s my stupid door story.

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