WATCH: Cat don't need no stinking cat door


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Hey Philo, close the damn door! The flies’ll get in!



The thing being filmed - the door - is vertical in orientation. Kinda like, oh what’s it called, a portrait.


While I’m normally right there in the “turn your damn phone” camp, this is an edge case that doesn’t particularly bother me, due to the things being framed. You don’t add any extra context by putting it into landscape mode (Charlie is not being cut out of the video because it’s in portrait, here) . Portrait mode perfectly frames the subjects (cat, door) in this particular case.


How is he being a jerk? Nobody calls you a jerk when you open the door to your own home. Some people just look for any excuse to malign our feline overlords.


Well, he didn’t close the door. That’s kind of a dick move, and the cat door that was custom installed for him is a specific workaround for that problem.


Holy giant pixelated gif, Batman.


Yeah, but there are plenty of people who lie in wait, eager to pounce on the first pillarboxed video they see. 'Cause, y’know, they’re clever that way. And eventually, their efforts will Make A Difference.



Yes, but it’s not his problem.


And we’re back to “cats are jerks”


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