Pigeon outwits cat


I seem to remember some similar advice when I was a kid; if you’re walking home from school and you feel like a car is following you, turn around and walk the other direction. It makes it very hard for stalkers (human or feline) to follow.

I was really hoping the pidgeon would jump back again behind the cat after it turned around on the ledge.

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Christ I hate jazz.

If only somebody could invent a video format that was wider, and shorter. This video was the absolute perfect opportunity to showcase such high tech.


Dunno if the pigeon is displaying much wit here… cats are such impressive critters.

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The crime here is that YouTube doesn’t change it’s playback proportions to match the video. My monitor handles portrait mode just fine. But when it rotates for YT, the video is still framed and cropped for landscape playback.

Not that this video benefits from being in portrait, it doesn’t. But I would prefer the service to be able to render video in the format it was shot.

It was less jazz, more funk. Especially the guitar comping.

Christ I hate funk.

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