The danger and allure of comic book fantasy in Sam Zabel and the Magic Pen


Wait. A comic artist writing a story about a comic artist writing a story about a comic artist?

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Yeah, something like that. Sam Zabel also makes a brief appearance in Hicksville, struggling away. I get the impression that Dylan has him as a significant avatar in his work, rather like the fictional East European country of Cornucopia. I remember that Dylan gave a talk years ago in a school hall off Te Aro Road where he acted as though he was Leonard Batts, an ingenious way of delivering his conception of comics (possibly even storytelling in general) as a form of map-making; imposing order on the chaos of life.

Then again that was about 2003, so I’m probably wrong. Ah, happy days, when all you needed was a hammer, paper, ink, and a willingness to participate…

A great read page by page online. Being a NZer I’ll try to pick up a copy when I’m home next. Until then I’ll stick with RSS.

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