The Death of Tumblr


And yet, I have not been flagged for this post:

However this series of images in which three fully-clothed women recreate the dress in this painting has:

They say nipples in artwork are ok, but everyone’s been reblogging Truth Coming Out of her Well to Shame Mankind and that’s been getting flagged. Along with a 17th century painting of Jesus in a loincloth so I guess those are female nipnops now.


All FOSTA-SESTA did was allow cis-het white men (i.e., Congress) to continue to marginalize anyone who was interested in anything except missionary p-in-v marital sex. And make themselves feel better about the rare instance of an actual victimizer being thwarted by their valiant prudery.


What are the alternatives to Tumblr?

I see “Pillow Fort” comes up with some frequency, as least as far as erotica goes.


Nyet! Although not forward presenting, I see two green nipplish looking protrusions and a pair of tiny hands. Wait, the tiny hands. Is that who I think it is?


Which tells me it’s almost certainly something like this short little Python snippet:

ycbcr = im.convert("YCbCr")
    pixels = ycbcr.getdata()
    p = [x for x in pixels if 80 <= x[1] <= 120 and 133 <= x[2] <= 173]

This returns a list of the pixels that fall within a certain gamut. The idea here is that if you compare the length of this list to the original image, you get a percentage of pixels that are flesh-colored, and it works relatively well for just about any skintone because it only checks the color channels and ignores luminance. It also works for cream-colored curtains, adobe, and several other things like you see here. It’s quick to implement and takes a lot less effort and computational power than a machine learning algorithm.

That gamut comes from a paper that may or may not be patent-encumbered, I don’t know.

Anyway, my guess is that they’ve got this, and maybe an OpenCV-based nipple detector.

This is allegedly their panicked response to being overrun by porn bots, some of them posting kiddie porn. Considering how much of their traffic was actual porn, I’m guessing this is probably going to kill Tumblr.

I could not agree more. The people who cry about being “silenced” when their crappy alt-right views get removed by YouTube, not because FOSTA SESTA holds content hosting responsible for prostitution ads, but because it holds content hosting responsible, period. I mean, if I wanted to take someone down in a cruel way and found out they had an insecure business website, I could deface their website with a bunch of “barely 18” content in the middle of the night with fake solicitation contact info and contact the authorities if we continue down this road of punishing the hosting party. It’s doubtful law enforcement would ever hold a party responsible for defacing…but we live in perilously stupid times.


Even if they were making enough money to keep the site live long-term, they certainly weren’t making enough to buy the kind of human moderation dealing with a child porn content problem requires.


I was about to make a crack about what certain types of erotica are most popular within pillow forts before finding their Kickstarter, which is intriguing.


This won’t end well.



Remember when someone in the Canadian Harper government tried to push through a surveillance bill by calling it the “Protecting Children From Internet Predators Act”, and said that anyone who opposed the bill “can stand with the child pornographers”?

I reckon any executive who opposed this change to Tumblr faced too great a risk of being torpedoed by some other virtue-signaller seeking to climb the ladder.


Well yeah thats the SEO business (partly my fault, sorry)

You can start your own communities. You can get a subreddit for example and use it for whatever you want.


Uh, is that what you mean to say?


Think it through.


It is.

I’m mildly curious what you were thinking of.


Yes, thank you, I’m quite aware of what it means to “to topple” something. I’ve been around many musicians most of my life, am one myself, but I’ve never heard one of them say they were interested in toppling democracy. Topping it, maybe, but not toppling.


It’s a tangential reference to MySpace, famed redoubt of musicians, being supplanted by Facebook, infamous breakers of factual reality. MySpace was mentioned in Xeni’s original post.


Supposedly just the posts with nudity, but they have already banned some sex worker Tumblrs so I can’t imagine they won’t start banning other Tumblr’s no matter what they’ve said publicly so far.


Just in case you want to spend a bunch of money on a big photo of Bill Murray and a puppy I am here for you.


You monsters!


The problem, then, is the FESTA law. I can start my own website and put my own stuff on it and then I am responsible for how it gets used. That’s fine. But it’s not a community, is it? If I invite others to become a community on my site, under FESTA I cannot simply trust them to be responsible for their own content. There is/was? an online community called The Well. I was never a part of it, but I remember reading that one of its precepts was “You Own Your Own Words” and it meant that both in the sense that you were responsible for whatever you wrote, and that no one else could take credit (or copyright) for your words. FESTA seems to have turned that on its head.

I am a photography novice but I have been enjoying Flickr again, especially now that its no longer Yahoo!-owned. I imagine it must have the same problems as Tumblr when it comes to content policing.