The Death of Tumblr



You’re back!
How’s the head?


I never quite left – I was very, very fortunate. Still having headaches but not as bad as they were – more of a lingering light-headedness. Tomorrow I find out if/when I can drive again. On the right-front of my skull, where the hair is still short (but grown back from shaved), I’ve got this half-valentine shaped scar. But if that’s the worst thing to come out of all this, then I’m still extremely lucky.


He is absolutely ridiculous. In the best of ways.


Glad to hear this.
Here’s hoping for a full recovery (never mind the scar, as long as the brain still works… ).



♪ Same as it ever was… ♪


This is not news to realistic people. I’m glad Tumblr is making this move. I’m no prude and enjoy some porn now and then, but it’s a fucking cesspool out there. The internet in general is a net negative on humanity at this point, and Tumblr is a part of that. It’s sad, as you say, but human frailty is a built in feature. We can pretend to outsmart it, and in small groups we sometimes can for awhile. But we’re way past that point.


And yet, here you be.


Like I said, human frailty.


But, I mean, you only see what you follow. I only see pornographic content if I follow someone who posts it (or, briefly, when a pornbot follows me and I block them). Sometimes Wil Wheaton posts a picture of a nice butt. Occasionally someone reblogs fan art of Captain America and Bucky nude.

Otherwise I mostly see text posts about D&D and swans, and my friend’s “bad date stories” posts.


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