"The difference between boys and girls"


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To be fair, hitting yourself in the head with a plastic bottle is very soothing, it makes a great sound!


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This is soooo my kids.


I don’t get it?

[note sarcasm]


Future governor of Wisconsin and presidential aspirant.


I remember I used to like bashing my head into things at that age. I found it life-affirming. Shit, maybe I oughta start again.



A lot of that is age, though. Girls go through puberty before boys do, so from about 12-14 a classroom of same-aged students will look and act like older sisters with younger brothers.


Is this were I confess that I’ve done that with a 2 liter bottle, as an adult woman, because it makes a fun sound?


Oh, good, I’m not the only one.


Is there a support group? The sound is sooo sooothing… and calming…


Because sexual stereotypes are so much fun!

(Seriously, I know enough trans people and gender outlaws to see the kind of damage these tropes cause. Kids who don’t fit these stereotypes are made to feel wrong from the inside out. It’s just celebrating the way life just naturally is, for the majority who fit, but for those who don’t, it’s hell on earth. Enough already!)


And I, as an adult man, have done the Cups thing, so :shrug:.


Have you ever “bit the slinky”? Hold one end of a Slinky™ between your teeth and drop the other end to the ground… sprrrrrooooiiiinnnnng!


All those years ago my friends and I were doing it wrong. We should have been hitting ourselves with empty plastic bottles instead of hitting each other.


I used to love hitting myself in the head with an empty 2-liter bottle…


yeah whatever, I just tried doing it for like an hour and there was nothing fun about it no matter what I filled the bottle with - coke, sprite, blood, sand, fanta, dr. pepper, no fun at all.


No, but if I ever come across a slinky clean enough for my mouth, I’ll give it a try!


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