The difference between CBD and THC in cannabis, explained

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Whatever happened to those noises I was hearing about the Drunk History people creating a Stoned History?


Props to the creators for getting allosteric inhibition right.

What gets weird is that CB1 and CB2 both associate with a whole bunch of other receptors, like NMDA or dopamine receptors, and alter their normal activity. This effect is where a lot of the psychotropic and putative anti-inflammatory activities are mediated; you can almost thing of CB1 and CB2 like a gas pedal or brakes, respectively, on other processes. There are also a handful of other things that cannabinoids might bind to but we’re not sure yet, so more props to the video for highlighting that there’s a lot we don’t understand yet.


I note that the narrator did not talk about any of THC’s properties other than that it gets you high.


Well Missouri approved medical marijuana. At some point I need to stop being a square and look into if something from this plant can help with my chronic pain.


4 year old vid but still very informative: Michael Backes: Cannabis Pharmacy

and his very informative book, revised and updated:

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I’ve tried CBD oil (with no THC) for chronic pain caused by inflammation, and it works quite well. It also seems to help reduce anxiety.


I tried some cbd a couple times to see what it does, and it just made me wired and jittery.

Cbd balm, externally applied, did help with sore neck and back, though.

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