The Disorienting and Disturbing Arthouse Science Fiction of Under the Skin [Review]


I read this review and looked at Ms Johansson’s photos while testing out some new earbuds, listening to the Waterboys’ “A Girl Called Johnny.” Purely coincidence, but it sure worked for me. Hope this flick makes it to my town.

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Unless it was an intentional pun on this being a movie, it’s “in medias res”, not “in media res”.

“[A] creepy Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Glazer has concocted.” Say that five times fast.

You had me at Scarjo and art house scifi

Wow, this sounds fascinating. Also, man, I would hate to be one of those random guys she picked up off the street - “This girl that just picked me up looks EXACTLY like ScarJo! Am I dreaming?” - “Sorry dude, art house sci fi flick, you just got punked” - “Awwwww MAN!”

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The Starlet is more disturbing for her support of Apartheid in Palestine.

Please tell us how you successfully escaped from supporting third world labor.

So she is basically Pris from Blade Runner.

Similar to, but clearly not a cinimefication of the 2004 PS2 game of the same name:

That is a fungible Intellectual Property you can purchase by sending 50,000 Dogecoins to DHUyJoYYDxom4NkiYFLX9ssCQLCgBXsaA8

I watched this movie a few weeks back and absolutely loved it although some people in the audience walked out. The scene on the beach, in particular, was very disturbing and I found myself ( as a father of young children) breaking out in a sweat and wondering if I should go too. For American audiences you have an extra dimension. At least I could follow the dialogue as I come from Glasgow but you will be looking at the poor souls who climb into the van with an extra level of distance. You’re forced to view them based purely on their actions and so you will be viewing them in the same way as Scarlett Johanssons character does. What does it mean to be human? The whole movie is a beautiful meditation on this question and I suppose , in that respect, it has more in common with Bladerunner than The Man Who Fell To Earth.

So it’s “Species” redone as “Blade Runner?”

I’d probably rather be devoured by Natasha Henstridge anyway. Too bad her career and personal life hasn’t done better.

I agree with Michael Smith. Both woman were robots so they tied to play the part as such. However in Her she was a robot also and her voice was much more compelling than her portrayal of a robot in Under the Skin apparently without Human emotions at first Pris and the Her OS were human creations. While in “Under” she is an alien creation. Which probably accounts for the difference in roles. But Glazer has a way to go before he should be compared with Ridley Scott or even Jonze

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