The DoJ is going to make Shkreli sell off his unreleased Wu-Tang and Lil Wayne albums, his Picasso and his Enigma machine


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Martin Shkreli ordered to give up $7.4 million, including his one-of-a-kind Wu Tang Clan album



I can’t wait to see how much his douche-smirk fades when he loses most of his assets.


It’s only right. As one of the wise potential jurors said in a standout comment to the court (after he or she was excused), Shkreli “disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan.”


First off, GOOD!

Second off, the book about the album (which, I wouldn’t call unreleased… it is released in the exact format that RZA wanted…) has an interesting spin on Shkreli, that he was making himself into a supervillian as a form of culture jamming, and even that he cooked up the beef with Wu-Tang in order to make himself into public enemy no. 1… which is certainly an interesting perspective on the whole thing.


I kinda like Wu-Tang. I’d bid ten or fifteen bucks.

Where’s that .gif of Pee Wee saying, “I meant that to happen.”


Talk about being desperate for attention, if that’s true.


Cool! They should make him sell the exclusive rights to Vantablack as well. Oh wait, that was a different jerk.


Indeed. According to the book, it was all an act that really backfired on him.

Also, the provision about Wu-Tang and Bill Murray being able to stage a heist? It was not in the original contract. But when that rumor started floating around, they were going to amend the contract in tandem with Shkreli, and then pretend to pull of the heist, and then ACTUALLY pull off the heist! But that didn’t happen, because of the arrest.

There is hope we’ll one day hear the album, though, as there is the possibility that the owner can release it to the public.

The book is worth a read - it’s both entertaining and gets into some of the sticky ideas about music and art in our modern digital environment. I’d suggest reading it along side with Walter Benjamin’s classic “The Work of Art in the Age of mechanical reproduction” as it’s addressing some of the very same concerns.


I don’t buy it; his being a douchebag is sooo not an act - that shit seems factual.


Yeah, to be fair, that was just the author’s take on his interactions with him (he was involved in planning of the project). I think he probably is that much of a dick (or maybe in a slightly different way? planning to act like a supervillian in public as an act of culture jamming is just as dickish as being one, when it negatively impacts other human beings like that), but that he was putting on a face for the sale, because he knew it would heighten his profile.

None the less, it was an interesting perspective on Shkreli’s actions.




Needs more guillotine.


This sounds like a game.

The DoJ is going to make Shkreli sell off his


Agreed; like 45, it doesn’t matter if in his heart of hearts, “he doesn’t actually mean it” - the damage being done is the same regardless.

IMO, being evil for ‘teh lulz’ is even worse than being evil because of genuinely held beliefs.


How much for the Picasso?


Maybe he’ll be forced to sell it since it would doubtlessly bring in good money as a highly punchable collectible.


Yeah, I actually agree. It’s clear he’s a self-centered prick, whatever his intention. And if the rumors are true, he never even listened to the fucking album!


“We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.”
– Kurt Vonnegut, Mother Night


Its basically magic. If you pretend hard enough to be a complete douche you can magically transform yourself into an actual real douche.