The downside to being preserved for posterity




This article may require a unicorn chaser.


…do you mean ‘as opposed to the upside of a peaceful, benign death from having your spinal cord severed by saber-tooth tiger biting through the back of your neck’, Maggie? ;>


It’s pretty moot, since these guys have been gone a long time. But don’t you think Smilodon beats slowly drowning in mud? I know which one I’d pick, if I had a time machine, and it didn’t have a Hitler button, and it turned me into a mammoth.


this is yet another proof to the observant Christian that so-called ‘fossils’ were placed by Satan as part of an unholy conspiracy to mislead us into believing in EVILution.


If you insist. This one died gasping so hard that its lungs were filled with glitter.


Remind me NOT to play Corrupt A Wish with you :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


From the title, I thought that TFA would have information that would make me reconsider my wish to be preserved as a fern stand/coat rack…


X-ray please.



There we go!


You must have got that image from North Korea.


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