The dubious upsides of having a Syrian passport

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While I sympathize with her plight, IMHO additional scrutiny for bearers of a Syrian passport is not unreasonable as there are probably a large number of fake Syrian passorts that are very hard to differentiate from genuine passports. This has happened because official printing presses and passport stock has fallen into ISIS hands (and possibly others).

See for example:

I don’t know a good solution to this problem. I would argue that it is not wrong to try to prevent terrorists from entering a country with a fake passport (while allowing genuine Syrian refugees to enter) when the measures taken are not disproportionate.

The examples or her treatment seem reasonable and polite to me. Perhaps there should be a reverse No fly list (a white list) for the people that have gone through this extended scrutiny once.

The process of getting asylum is already pretty strict and hard to get through.

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