The Dune in our Heads

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I’m not offended, I was making fun of you for being “that guy.” when you create a profile specifically to promote your own blog and production company, that is what is known as spam. that’s why you got flagged and your posts got removed.

I didn’t flag you, either, I just made fun of you. other mutants must have, which lets you know I’m not the only one who thought it was wack.

try participating in the community before you use it to promote–or just leave.

Lynch famously had limited creative freedom on Dune, whereas Jodorosky was used to having such freedoms (check The Holy Mountain and El Topo). For that reason his take on Dune would have been incredibly interesting, even if his execution had only been half has good as his crazy ideas.

I always sensed there was a much better narrative film within Lynch’s Dune than the heavily cut version released to cinemas. That’s why I attempted my own edit of it called Dune The Alternative Edition - 178 minutes long - and I’m chuffed that some fans have said they really like it.

Trailer is here:

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… maybe one day someone will see the production book and create the film in CG or some other means …

At the current rate of progress, one could hope it might be more documentary than visionary.

In the documentary that just came out about it, Jodorowsky talks about the hopes of making it into an animation. Earlier this year I discovered Rock and Rule & Thief and The Cobbler, but which made me nostalgic for the lack of truly imaginative and innovative types of animated movies you hardly see anymore. I would love love love if they made DUNE into an animation, which would really help solve some of the technical and budget issues, and after seeing the animated storyboards in the doc, I am convinced they could make this very capably into an animated film----- sigh, one can dream…

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Actually, it occurs to me that even if someone just took that production book and made an animatic out of it, with full voice acting and some sound effects and very limited animation, that would be Quite Sufficiently Amazing to be worth doing… and wouldn’t require a lot of investment.

Or if we could get that book released essentially as a graphic novel…


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