The effects magic behind Broadway's Back to the Future's mind-blowing clock tower scene (video)

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Stage effects have really come a long way. One of the more impressive examples is the “Bourne Stuntacular” show at Universal Studios Florida. It has action sequences such as a fight on top of cars that look like they’re speeding down the highway.

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That doesn’t really capture the look of the Bourne Movies; I could see what was going on, and didn’t get motion sick.

This reminds me of something that I would have loved to have seen; the Static Testing shed at Rugby. They had a rolling roadway that allowed them to run steam locomotives up to full speed inside a building. It must have been a marvellous experience.


It’s certainly better in person - we were pleasantly surprised how well it makes you feel in the scene. There are absolutely some massive 4th wall breaks that are mostly likely there to avoid the sick feeling you mentioned, but it’s really good.

We’d expected something similar to the old stunt show at DisneyWorld when we went and were very surprised to see how slick it is.

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I was supposed to be seeing this for my birthday in May 2020 (in Manchester.) Can’t remember why I didn’t get to go now… it must have been something important though.


I’m just glad they didn’t replace the DeLorean with a Cybertruck.


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