The end for Storify

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Nuts. I wish I had known that was a thing.

In Memoriam, here is the best Storify, which would be too much of a pain in the butt to read on Twitter. It’s pretty wild, not for the faint of heart:

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I hope the archiving teams are hard at work salvaging what they can.

Admittedly, while it was a good idea, I can’t recall seeing anyone make use of this service in quite some time - doubly unfortunate as embedded tweets don’t tend to work very well in Firefox, and when they do they tend to slow the browser down pretty badly.

My favorite:

Pretty sure it was David Malki who linked to that. I should check out his other stuff while I can.

A Wild Weekend in Florida is a pain in the butt to read on Storify, too. I quit about 1/4 of the way through.

If this is the best of Storify, then good damn riddance.

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Eh, it’s much better that Twitter for long threads, but you know what they say, garbage in, garbage out.

This is how history gets lost.

Can we shut down Twitter while we’re at it? Maybe then Seth Abramson will start writing his Trump-threads in a blog like a normal person.

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“instead of as a half-broken javascript shitbox”

Just like to point out that the webpage for this article loads almost 8 MB of javascript and keeps loading extra pieces of javascript after it is rendered (after 5 minutes it loaded about 25 MB of javascript for me). Most of this javascript seems to be used for tracking and serving ads.


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