Twitter restricts Substack links

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Long past time to blow that popsicle stand.


If this continues, it’s hard to justify continuing to invest my time creating content on Twitter.

I figured that out last April when it became apparent Muskrat would be forced to buy Twitter. I haven’t posted anything since then.

I kind of miss my wonky little Azone community, but I don’t regret the time not spent on Twitter.


Well no kidding. Of course that’s what he’s doing.

I don’t understand why anyone is still on it.

At the risk of sounding petty, is this person just waking up to what’s been happening for months now? They’ve been living in a dumpster fire since October and are just now writing a sternly worded letter to The Verge to say they suspect something is up because there’s a bit of a smell?!

  1. Get under Elon’s thin skin
  2. Massive free publicity
  3. Profit!

Hard to understand how Seth Abramson is still using Twitter when even Matt Taibbi has had enough of Musk’s bullshit to ditch the platform.


Comments from the 5D chess club:


Don’t use Twitter. Problem solved


He says that he’ll leave once Substack Notes is up and running.


Echoing @VeronicaConnor upthead: Now he hates Twitter? [Rolls eyes so hard they fall out of head]


The excuses that people who are still there make for why they are staying there are quite tedious.

“Oh, well, now it’s getting bad. If these other five things happen, I am definitely thinking about considering talking to my therapist about tweeting fewer times a day”

All these big names who refuse to leave are what is enabling Musk to keep having his little faschy sandbox in the first place. I wish everyone would leave and get it over with so we can start over.


It was a good side-gig to kiss Elon’s, but Substack is where they make the money.



The press. I’m pretty sure that once (if) the media stops using as a de facto wire service, it will completely collapse. There’s a patina of urgency and relevance that it’s lent by this core user base that generates further retweeting and engagement that mushrooms and makes it seem much more important than it is. Once journos and major publications stop feeling like they “have to” be on Twitter, my feeling is there won’t be much left to engage people. Maybe this is the beginning of that?


Ugh, so much this. I miss the days before all journalism became “Here’s a tweet I found”.

Since I haven’t harped on this in 20 minutes or so, here’s my rant again. A tiny proportion of the world is on Twitter. Of those, a study a while back found that something like 90% of the content on the platform is generated by 5% of users. So at the end of the day, Twitter is representative of nothing. Yet tech people and journalists act like it’s the beating heart of the world.


But he still won’t speak ill of Elon, strangely.


Like all bootlickers, he probably thinks that he’ll regain the good graces and that this is just a temporary thing. That if he sucks up the right way, Elon will like him again.


Apparently people were recently figuring out that any links in tweets got them treated as spam. This is a pretty extreme special case, though - and weirdly, one that will piss off Elno’s right-wing buddies. So I rather expect he’ll backtrack in some half-assed way, but much damage will already have been done.

Except for the “his own financial interests” bit - he’s doing things he thinks are in his financial interests, but he just ends up screwing himself ultimately when he alienates the users (and advertisers) he relies on for that revenue. Ultimately he’s an idiot who is a) bad at business, and b) apparently still doesn’t understand Twitter’s business model.

I mean, there’s some truth in that, but I think the press are a much less important dynamic to Twitter than they think they are. There are a lot of subcultures and professional communities on Twitter that rely on it. I’m on (read-only) Twitter for writers and indie game developers, and there just aren’t alternatives for them (a lot of people made other social media accounts when Elno took over, but almost none of them switched because the communities didn’t transfer…).


A great example of that was coverage of Arab Spring or Iranian protests as Twitter protests. In reality nearly none of the protestors were on Twitter and the tweets in the media were largely English speaking white west/northern men.