Elon Musk plans to fire most of Twitter's employees when he takes over

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There are lots of jobs available in tech RIGHT NOW, and I hope that some of those Twitter folks get out now before it’s too late.

I look forward to the day Mr. Musk goes away.


Good luck getting the remaining 25% to stay on after that.


This will likely turn out to be the same BS Musk says all the time just to troll the media. You lay off 75% of any company and it will quickly stop functioning - because as someone else mentions, the remaining 25% are going to be working in a hellhole and will leave as soon as possible.


Plus he said that he wanted to develop Twitter to be a superapp like WhatsApp, WeChat, Line and such other apps that are popular like those in China. That would be hard to do with a gutted out staff. Maybe he really is trying to kill the deal by the final hours.


I’m sure his first order of business here will be to gut the already tiny and hapless moderation department in the name of freeze peach.


Not sure what he’s trying to achieve here. This announcement will spook staff and lead to a mass exit. Does he think he can then convince the Delaware chancery court to let him out of the deal? I doubt they will, since he signed a contract and then said he would go ahead and buy it. Does he think he can renegotiate the sale price? Not after this; the stock will tank and the other share holders will demand the original price. Does he think he can milk enough ad revenue from Twitter before the code collapses into unusable garbage to recover his and his investors’ losses? Doubtful, since he’ll probably terminate the content moderators first, and no respectable business will want to advertise on the cesspool it will become.

No, this is Musk deciding he’s going to set fire to that $44 Billion before flushing the ashes down the toilet.


…which would have the Twitter app end up being nuked from orbit by Apple if he does go though cutting moderation staff.


As someone who works in the tech industry, even a turnover of a few percent of your workforce is a giant pain in the ass. There’s always some critical feature that is only fully understood by the person who just walked out the door. And then that feature either stops working forever, or, more likely, three other people have to spend six months figuring out how it was implemented and how it did what it was supposed to do. Even assuming the remaining 25% don’t either burn out or run for the exits, this sounds like a recipe for crippling the business. They might as well have headlined this “Musk promises to bring back the Fail Whale.”

It also sounds like bullshit. Either Musk is simply trolling for publicity, or he’s trying to panic everyone who’s not committed to his ‘vision’ for Twitter into resigning.


Exactly. Everything he’s been saying lately amounts to “if you force me to go along with this deal I undeniably agreed to, I’m gonna burn the company to the ground the moment I get my hands on it.”


I dunno… seems like a win-win to me… he looks like the asshole he actually is and twitter gets gutted…


I’m not sure why the people who no longer own the company should care. They’ve found a patsy to pay them way over the odds for a company that never made a profit. The underpants gnomes have won.


I think he’s trying to get the employees to beg the current shareholders to stop the deal. As you say, though, that’s not going to move them.

I’d be glad to see an end to Twitter (Facebook even more, but I’ll settle for Twitter). Unfortunately, I don’t think he’ll suffer any real consequences for acting like an arsehole; indeed, some of his fanbois love him for it


Maybe he’s trying to make it more comparable to Parler and Truth Social.


If only he had the convictions to join the first wave of Martian colonists.


Will they be mandatory? Would be good if he was convicted and exiled to Mars. With an awful lot of other “white collar” criminals. See how good at tech he actually is then…


Sad Canadian GIF by CBC


There continues to be nobody to root for in this. Musk takes a bath? Great! Twitter dies? Great, I hated it from the first time my friends started vanishing from Livejournal except for daily digests of their incomprehensible half-of-a-conversation tweets, it hasn’t gotten any better in the ensuing years.


Mush has made himself into his very own cartoon villain character. It’s very impossible to lower his value in this world anymore, but he keeps trying.


A Trump-like cult has now developed around Elon, and his cult members are already praising him for this. As expected.